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A Vision of Courage & Strength

Over this Thanksgiving weekend I am especially thankful for this wonderful family.

This family embodies love, strength, courage and let’s not forget ever present humor, which helped them laugh in the face of cancer over the past year.

Tress is a cancer survivor!  Thanks to her “GAME ON” team, her incredibly supportive family & friends and her unyielding faith, she has weathered this storm with dignity, grace, strength, courage and a serious dose of humor.  Their ability to take such an ugly experience, rise above it and laugh in it’s face, truly amazes me. What an amazing gift & life lesson you have shared with each and every one of us.

The words on your inspirational sign ring so true:

What cancer cannot do:
Cancer is so limited…
it cannot cripple love,
it cannot shatter hope,
it cannot dissolve faith,
it cannot destroy peace,
it cannot kill friendship,
it cannot suppress memories,
it cannot silence courage,
it cannot invade the soul,
it cannot steal eternal life,
it cannot conquer the spirit.

Cancer had no fighting chance when it decided to pick on you Tress. GAME OVER cancer, Tress has won!

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I love you all and I am so thankful for you and your friendship. xoxo-Rachel

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