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Abby & Andrew – Della Terra Mountain Chateau Wedding

Get ready for image overload…but that is what happens when you have a spectacular wedding day bursting with love and full of amazing moments.

The incredible Jill of Cloutier Events (and wonderful sister of the bride!) put together an incredible line up of vendors for Abby & Andrew’s wedding day. First off- Della Terra Mountain Chateau, not only is it an beautiful venue nestled right on the edge of Rocky Mountain Nation Park; Della Terra (as perfectly stated on their website) is “family designed, built, managed and operated with pride” by Darell and Pam Amelang, Marty and Audrey Miller, and Sandy Garcia. I was blow away by their incredible attention to detail, outstanding hospitality and genuine heart behind their service. The talented Linda of Finishing Touches provided the gorgeous flowers and details, wow. Again, not only does Linda do outstanding work, she was such a pleasure to work with. Three Tomatoes was in charge of the delicious meal, beautiful cake and pies and great dinner service. Ron Michaels was the DJ extraordinaire and master of ceremonies and had everyone out on the dance floor living it up. Kurt Humann was the great guitarist for the ceremony and Tiffany Riddle did a beautiful job with the girl’s hair and Amy Vallee was the talented make up artist. All of these vendors created a spectacular event.

And while, yes, all of these people made the day sparkle..I think what truly stood out to me was the palpable love that was shared. Not only could you “feel” the love between Abby & Andrew. You could “feel” the love and excitement from all of the friends and family. And call me a romantic… but, I truly believe that is the most important detail any wedding can have. I cried multiple times throughout the day…and even sitting at home, staring at my computer while editing…I laughed out loud, cried and smiled my way through the images. What a treat that was for me.

Abby and Andrew, I am truly thankful that my wonderful and talented brother-in-law RJ Kern, referred me to your talented sister Jill, so that I was lucky enough to “feel” and be inspired by your love and to be witness to your beautiful day. Thank you.

All the best, Rachel

Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0001 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0002 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0003 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0004 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0005 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0006 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0007 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0008 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0009 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0010 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0011 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0012 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0013 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0014 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0015 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0016 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0017 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0018 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0019 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0020 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0021 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0022 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0023 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0024 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0025 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0026 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0027 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0028 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0029 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0030 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0031 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0032 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0033 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0034 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0035 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0036 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0037 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0038 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0039 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0040 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0041 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0042 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0043 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0044 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0045 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0046 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0047 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0048 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0049 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0050 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0051 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0052 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0053 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0054 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0055 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0056 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0057 Della_Terra_Wedding_Photographer_0058

And Steve Glass– you continue to amaze me. Thank you for your vision. It is so fun to work with you.

The Details:
Venue- Della Terra Mountain Chateau
Coordinator- Cloutier Events
Photography- Rachel Olsen Photography
Flowers- Finishing Touches
Catering- Three Tomatoes
DJ- Ron Michaels Weddings
Ceremony Music- Kurt Humann
Hair & Makeup- Tiffany Riddle & Amy Valle

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