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Album Design

Premium Heirloom Albums come with 30 pages and a premium leather cover. You can add additional pages & spreads, upgrade the cover material, add imprinting, add inset cover photos, slip covers, gilding or upgrade to a matted album for an additional fee. (See below for finishing touches pricing.)

When I design wedding albums I use clean and timeless designs that showcase your wedding images.


1. Selecting images: When you are selecting images, keep in mind that albums average 2-3 images per page in order to create a clean, beautiful look.  30 page album = roughly 60-90 images; 40 page album = 80-120 images; 50 page album=100-150 images.

Option 1:  We start with the wedding slideshow as the basis of the album, then you give me a list of your very favorite images (by going through the folders and making a list; i.e. bridegroom_ 0004, bridegroom_0751) to highlight in the design. I will ask you to specify which 2+ family formal images you would like to use in the album. (This is the most popular way to design)

Option 2: You can go through all of the image folders (getting ready, ceremony, family formals…) and select each and every image you would like to have included in the album. I ask that you create a detailed list of each image number; i.e. bridegroom_ 0004, bridegroom_0751 and from there I will design the album, adding or subtracting images to make the album complete. (Note: sometimes not all of your selected images can be included in the design.)

2. The Design: I design the album in spreads so that you get a cohesive look when the album is opened flat (except for the first and last page due to the cover). I design your album to tell the complete story of your wedding day, while keeping a clean and simple design. Most albums average around 45 pages. From there you will be able to pare down the number of spreads to your desired album size. The album design process usually takes 2-4 weeks from when the image selection is supplied, to the completion of the initial design. After you receive the initial design you will be able to make revisions.

Examples of the first and last page & spreads:

3. Revisions: Once you receive your initial album design, you may make two revisions to complete your album to your satisfaction. If more than two revisions are desired, it will be an additional $50 for each additional revision.

4. Leather Cover:
The album is finished with a Premium Leather cover from the Euro Collection, swatches can be seen here. Please indicate which color leather you would like from the Euro collection.

5. Finishing Touches & Additional Details: You may add to the finishing touches of your album with the options below. 

-Would you like to upgrade your cover treatment? Swatches can be seen here.   (Euro leather is included, upgraded fabrics are additional)
-Would you like a stripe of another color, or a split tone . Examples of stripes can be seen here -in the slideshow at the bottom in images 6, 13, 14, 15. Examples of split tone can be seen here.
-Would you like gilded pages or standard? What color gilding- Black, Copper, Silver, Red or Gold?
-Would you like your names imprinted on the spine? How would you like them to appear? I recommend Modern Font. Font options can be seen here .
-How would you like the font spaced & would you like to use capitalization? Examples: Sue & Joe (Upper and lowercase with normal spacing), SUE & JOE (all upper case), S U E  & J O E (all upper case with a space between each letter), Sue + Joe (Upper and lowercase with a plus sign). SUE and JOE…
-Do you want any additional imprinting on the cover?
-Would you like a photo inset in the front cover? If so, where would you like it placed? Photo placement options can be seen here. (Optically centered -slightly higher than center or the bottom right corner are the most popular.) Which image would you like to use?
-Would you like to use more than one image ?

Pricing for Finishing Touches:
Upgraded Cover Material | $45   (Rustique, Designer, Distressed or Lizard Leather; Japanese Book Cloth; Premium or Metallic Fabric)
Cover Stripe or Split Tone Cover | $100
Gilded Pages | $25
Spine Imprinting | $25
Cover Imprinting | $20
Inset Cover Photo | $45
Additional Inset Cover Photos | $15
Slip Cover | $250

5. Ordering: Once the design is finalized and confirmed the album will be ordered. Album production by Leather Craftsmen takes 6-8 weeks from the order date.

As stated in the wedding contract:  Clients must select images for the album design within NINE MONTHS from the initial launch of the online wedding galleries. If the Client exceeds the nine month mark, Olsen will choose the images and commence with the design process.  Olsen will design a first draft of the wedding album and client has two edits to make their album complete to their satisfaction. If more than two edits are desired, it will be $50 for each additional edit. If the client’s decision making process exceeds TWELVE MONTHS from receipt date of initial launch of the online wedding galleries, then the album design process is terminated and all rights to album products are forfeited with no album products or refunds due to client. Albums are guaranteed no earlier than eight weeks after official order is placed. If the album is not included in a collection, a 50% deposit is required before photographer submits the album order. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of the album. Client must review album before leaving with it. Once album has been removed from photographer’s possession, photographer assumes complete client satisfaction of product. Changes to album after album is removed from photographer’s possession, will be charged to the client.

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