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An Apology

Last weekend it was brought to my attention by a potential client that my contact form was not working. She said she sent me an email through it a few months ago and never heard from me. Yikes! I raced home and tested all of the contact forms and low and behold- my blog contact form was not working. I got ahold of my programmer immedialtely and it is now resolved- and I have received multiple inquires since it was fixed on Wednesday.
BUT, if you tried to contact me over the last few (I don’t know how long it’s been down!) months… I REALLY APOLOGIZE if you never heard back from me!
Everything is in working order now…but my heart sank when I found this out.
If you don’t hear from me within 48 hours- be sure to email directly at or call 303-917-1849.
I am sorry for any inconvienence!!!
Best, Rachel

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