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Dorsey & Nathan – Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch Wedding

Dorsey & Nathan’s wedding at Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch was incredible. I knew their wedding would be a heartfelt treat from the first time I met with Dorsey and her parents at my office. They are warm and genuine and couldn’t be nicer. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful family.

Their beautiful wedding day was full of friends and family that traveled near and far to be with them as they got married at the very place they met. Dorsey and Nathan met at the Beaver Meadows Pond Hockey Tournament that takes place every year. And it sounds like they have had a wonderful, excitement filled life, full of adventure ever since. For example, they have traveled down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon, not once but twice! (I’m jealous!)

Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch was the perfect place for their outdoor wedding. They got ready in the quaint cabins overlooking the small valley, and the Colorado weather did not disappoint. Their ceremony was at “The Crossing” which sits right next to the beautiful river. The sun beamed down on them as they said their vows, exchanged rings and had their whole bridal party sign their marriage license- what a great idea! The ceremony was interspersed with great tunes from the Monocle band ranging from Pachebel’s Canon in D, to Jack Johnson’s Better Together to Shady Grove by Jerry Garcia.  And their “dog-child” (as Dorsey’s sister called her), River, provided some entertainment as she chased after fish in the stream. (And who can argue with a ceremony where dogs are invited too!) The flowers created by Palmer Flowers were the perfect accent to the natural Colorado beauty surrounding them. The bouquets incorporated pieces of wheat which was a great touch!  Dorsey also had a piece of lace from her mother’s wedding dress wrapped around her bouquet, another wonderful idea! After their ceremony, Dorsey & Nathan jumped into Nathan’s grandpa’s Model T (that they trailered out from Illinois for the wedding!) and took a drive to a scenic overlook to take a moment to appreciate their newly formed union. Once they returned the formals portraits got underway. After the family formals we took a walk around the property with just Dorsey & Nathan before heading into the party. What an incredible Colorado backdrop to have for your wedding portraits!

The party started with a wonderful welcome from Dorsey’s father and then continued with a delicious dinner. Dorsey’s mother was the master planner and made sure all the reception details were in place….she did a fabulous job! Nathan’s set of twin brothers and Dorsey’s sister delivered some funny and tear jerking toasts. After that is was time to dance!  The Monocle band was incredible and the dance floor was packed all night long! The Monocle Band even did a great impromptu version of the “Wheels on The Bus” for Dorsey’s father after their Father/Daughter dance to surprise Dorsey.

And one unexpected highlight was during the bouquet toss. I don’t think anyone expected the hilarious and very athletic interference after Dorsey tossed her bouquet. All I saw was someone flying mid air to intercept the bouquet as it was headed towards the ladies…and I kept snapping away without fully realizing what was happening.  I don’t think his landing (face first) was planned, but it sure did provide a lot of entertainment for all of us as we reviewed the images captured during his flying leap!

What a day full of joy and love! There are certain weddings where you can literally “feel” the love, and I have to say that Dorsey and Nathan’s wedding was one of them. I smiled all day as I watched them get ready, walk down the aisle, and dance the night away. I teared up during the ceremony, the toasts and even their first dance. You could feel the love that they have for one another and the love that their family and friends have for them. It’s beautiful.

Dorsey & Nathan, Thank you so much for letting me capture your wedding day for you. It was a heartfelt treat to be a witness to the union of such a great couple. I wish you many many more adventures, river trips, and pond hockey tournaments in your future!

All the best, Rachel

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If you would like to see their wedding slideshow click on over here:

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Also, if you want to hear more from the Monocle Band- you can get their debut album HERE – I just did!

And I can’t ever say thanks enough to my incredible second shooter, great friend, and sanity keeper Steve Glass.

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