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Boys, Boys, Boys…

This beautiful mama seemed to know that she was having a boy well before her ultrasound could tell her.. maybe because this next little one was coming into a family with 8 grandsons preceding him! Well, she was right. They welcomed the ninth grandson a few short weeks ago.

I love meeting these little people in their first two weeks of life (I forget how small they are…and it wasn’t even that long ago for me) they are still so sleepy and for the most part they let us run the show. (What I mean by “us” is big brother!)

Big brother was an awesome photo star. You may recognize this handsome fella from the Thirsties Photo shoots. I think he may have a modeling career ahead of him…look at this personality!

Thank you so much for inviting me in to photograph your growing family. It was such a joy.

All the best, Rachel

Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0001 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0002 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0003 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0004 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0005 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0006 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0007 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0008 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0009 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0010 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0011 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0012 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0013

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  1. So cute!!!!

    October 16, 2012

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