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Kristin & David- Steamboat Springs Wedding

Kristin & David had a beautiful Steamboat Springs Wedding which was held at the idyllic Catamount Ranch Historic Barn.  Their wedding day was filled with lots of tender moments, a ton of laughter and a a whole lot of fun (plus some serious rain and an unexpected power failure). But their wedding day went off without a hitch thanks to Kristin & David’s amazing attitudes and Lindsey’s, of One Fine Day Productions, incredible planning & execution.
It was such a joy to work with Kristin & David from the very first time we met. They were very relaxed (yet organized!)  and knew that they wanted their wedding day to be a reflection of the love they shared and the love they had for their family and friends… and that is exactly what it was all about.
Kristin and David planned their wedding details to incorporate the beauty of Colorado and the rich traditions of Hawaii where David is from. The ring bearers wore a traditional Hawaiian cowboy plaid with the cutest little cowboy boots I have ever seen. They had leis made for the groomsmen and parents and the bridesmaids carried stunning bouquets of orchids. And mother nature worked with us and didn’t let the rain pour until after the outdoor ceremony finished. And as we often see in Colorado, after a brief but intense rainfall, the skies cleared up again, and allowed us to head back out and get some beautiful photographs just as the sun set. During the cocktail hour Kristin surprised David with Hawaiian singers who brought the spirit of the islands with them. Kristin’s father gave an amazing toast that had everyone (including me) laughing and crying at different points. And the dancing and festivities lasted long into the evening thanks to the wonderful tunes played by LSP Entertainment.

I love how Kristin sums up the wedding day here: “I didn’t really dream of my perfect wedding as a young girl growing up, but I can truly say I ended up having my perfect wedding without even knowing it. Looking back, the wedding was everything that we hoped it would be, and we felt that it represented us as a couple because it was warm and welcoming, simple but classic, and more than anything it was meaningful and fun!”

Thank you Kristin & David, it was such a joy to work with you and wish you all the happiness in the years to come!  Best, Rachel

Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0001 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0002 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0004 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0007 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0008 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0009 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0010 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0011 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0012 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0013 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0014 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0015 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0016 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0017 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0018 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0019 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0020 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0021 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0022 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0023Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0024 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0025 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0026 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0027 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0028 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0029 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0030 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0031 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0032 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0033 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0034 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0035 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0036 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0037 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0038 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0039 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0040 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0041 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0042 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0043 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0044 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0045 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0046 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0047 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0048 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0049 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0050 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0051Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0052Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0053 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0054 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0055 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0056Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0057 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0058 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0059 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0060 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0061Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0062 Catamount_Ranch_Wedding_0063

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  1. Kristin Pietsch #

    We can’t thank Rachel enough for all of the beautiful pictures she took on our wedding day. They are beyond anything we could have hoped for!

    October 13, 2013
  2. Kathryn Krietemeyer #

    Gorgeous pictures Rachel! You truly have a gift with a camera. Thanks for being so great to work with on the day of the wedding!

    October 13, 2013
  3. Kathy Ceronsky #

    I was so excited to get your pictures of Kristin and David’s wedding. You captured the joy and beauty of the setting in images we will cherish. You were so easy to work with and captured the formal and impromptu moments with such an artistic eye.
    Thank you!
    Kristin’s mom

    October 14, 2013
  4. Lauren Hughes #

    What beautiful pictures! They truly capture the fun and celebration of that night.

    October 14, 2013
  5. So beautiful Rachl. They must be thrilled!!!!


    October 15, 2013
  6. Ron Krietemeyer #

    Simply great photos. Rachel, you’re a great talent and you really came through on this special occasion.

    October 15, 2013
  7. Laura Ramsey #

    These people are too good-looking. Excellent photos!

    October 21, 2013
  8. Molly Ring #

    Such stunning pictures! Thanks for capturing such a special day so perfectly!

    October 26, 2013
  9. Oooooo. A solid set. Especially the red barn shot! Awesome work.

    October 30, 2013
  10. Amazing photos. Thank you for being so easy to work with. We really enjoyed having you as a part of our special day.

    November 24, 2013
  11. Tyler Au #

    Classic, incredible photos of a very beautiful wedding. You captured the beauty, lighting, and scenery so well! These pics really show the love and fun had by all.

    November 26, 2013

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