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Family Vacation- Film Only!

Well, school will be out for the summer before we know it and I am finally posting my images from last summer!

Before we headed out for our 4th of July in Vail and then our road trip to Minnesota, I decided that I would ONLY use film and my iPhone to document our adventures. It was a wonderful challenge and made me slow down and appreciate things before clicking the shutter. And I was able to capture the moments I was really going after. It was a wonderful exercise for me, and I think I may do the same thing this coming summer.

I still have more to learn about color film exposure, and all of the nuances. But I do love the texture and quality that you get from film. Sure, I could try to do it in post production with my digital images, but the whole idea is to get away from post production…leave my computer alone a little more often and be engaged with my kiddos and not stuck behind a screen.  So, in that regard I have loved my film experience. It really does make a major difference in the back end. My scans from the FIND lab come back looking wonderful and I get to chose my favs and move along. Ahhhhh.

So, I thought I’d let you get a peek into our summer adventures in Vail and Minnesota.  I’m ready to do it all over again!

FamilyVacayFILM_0002 FamilyVacayFILM_0003 FamilyVacayFILM_0004 FamilyVacayFILM_0005 FamilyVacayFILM_0006 FamilyVacayFILM_0007 FamilyVacayFILM_0008 FamilyVacayFILM_0009 FamilyVacayFILM_0010 FamilyVacayFILM_0011 FamilyVacayFILM_0012 FamilyVacayFILM_0013 FamilyVacayFILM_0013a FamilyVacayFILM_0014 FamilyVacayFILM_0015 FamilyVacayFILM_0016 FamilyVacayFILM_0017 FamilyVacayFILM_0018 FamilyVacayFILM_0019 FamilyVacayFILM_0020 FamilyVacayFILM_0021 FamilyVacayFILM_0022 FamilyVacayFILM_0023 FamilyVacayFILM_0024 FamilyVacayFILM_0025 FamilyVacayFILM_0026 FamilyVacayFILM_0027 FamilyVacayFILM_0028 FamilyVacayFILM_0029 FamilyVacayFILM_0030 FamilyVacayFILM_0031 FamilyVacayFILM_0032 FamilyVacayFILM_0033 FamilyVacayFILM_0034 FamilyVacayFILM_0035 FamilyVacayFILM_0036 FamilyVacayFILM_0037 FamilyVacayFILM_0038 FamilyVacayFILM_0039 FamilyVacayFILM_0041 FamilyVacayFILM_0042 FamilyVacayFILM_0043 FamilyVacayFILM_0043a FamilyVacayFILM_0044 FamilyVacayFILM_0045 FamilyVacayFILM_0046 FamilyVacayFILM_0047 FamilyVacayFILM_0048 FamilyVacayFILM_0049 FamilyVacayFILM_0050 FamilyVacayFILM_0051 FamilyVacayFILM_0052 FamilyVacayFILM_0053 FamilyVacayFILM_0054 FamilyVacayFILM_0055

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  1. Sevigne Kulbacki #

    Cool pictures!!! I love them….when I grow up I want to be a photographer like you!! :3

    April 19, 2018
  2. Keirah Oleskevich #

    I love the pictures, when I grow up I also want to be a photographer like you!

    April 19, 2018
  3. Someone over the rainbow... (Brynn) #

    LOL, the pictures are so cool, and funny . LOVE them!!

    April 20, 2018
  4. Someone over the rainbow... (Brynn) #

    LOL, the pictures are so cool, and funny… LOVE them!!

    April 20, 2018

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