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I love this farm. If you haven’t seen my house, you may not know that I have an affinity for barns. We have photos and wood block prints of barns throughout our house. And we recently installed a reclaimed white washed barn wood wall.

This farmstead and barn are across the street from our house and neighborhood, and I love looking at it everyday as we leave our house. I knew some development was going to come into the area, and I tired to contact the owners of the property..because I would really love to photograph more of it, so that they have it for posterity. But I saw the bulldozers line up last fall, and knew the new neighborhood was about to break ground, so I ran over with my daughter one night and took a few shots from the road, of the property I love so much.

I hope (and have heard rumors) that they may turn this portion of the property into a type of working farm/museum, and that would make me so happy. But just in case they don’t, I wanted a few photos to remember it by.(..and hopefully if I can get in touch with the owners, I can pass them along to them as well.)

It’s always hard to see these farms change and morph into new neighborhoods.  I have thoroughly enjoyed walking and riding over to see the goats and sheep, and peacocks with my daughters, and I will greatly miss it when it is gone.

So I wanted to capture a slice of history while I still had the chance.

KechterFarm_001 KechterFarm_002 KechterFarm_003 KechterFarm_004 KechterFarm_005 KechterFarm_006 KechterFarm_007 KechterFarm_008 KechterFarm_009 KechterFarm_011 KechterFarm_012

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