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But I want to take a quick moment to look back over some of the amazing people I was able to work with in 2015… much more to come but here is a snippet of the past year. Thank you to each and everyone of you for entrusting me to capture your special moments in time. I never lose sight of what a privilege it is to be there with you.

All the best, Rachel

TranStrote2015_007 Vail+Wedding+Photographer_0033Ashley_PerkFitness104 Glaser2015_002 Della+Terra+Mountain+Chateau+Wedding_0045Fort+Collins+Tween+Portrait_002 Fort+Collins+Family+Portrait_014 Pellegrino2015_003 Fliegs2015_005 Delaney2015_002 Fort+Collins+Senior+Portrait_0001Ten+Mile+Station+Wedding_0029JarvisFamily2015_0006Vail+Wedding+Photographer_0034 35 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_Breckenridge_0010 Fossil_Ridge_Senior_Pictures_002 FamilySessionFortCollins_002 FamilySessionFortCollins_003 Omni_Broomfield_Wedding_0032 Omni_Broomfield_Wedding_0026 FamilySessionFortCollins_010
U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0005 Fort_Collins_Portrait_0002 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0004

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Community, Love, Support- That’s what life is all about! http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/community-love-support-thats-what-life-is-all-about/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/community-love-support-thats-what-life-is-all-about/#comments Tue, 09 Jun 2015 14:02:41 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=10004 Read More »]]> Lizzy (a local 14 year old battling her third round of stage 4 Ewing’s Sarcoma) and her family really wanted to go to the U2 concert in Denver this past weekend, but it was out of reach financially, until the local community came together.

Tricia Canonico a Fort Collins resident and one of the great ladies behind the Suburban Bitches Blog, (who did not personally know Lizzy and the Lawtons, besides taking Meredith’s great spin class at the gym!) heard about this and thought…

“WE can make this happen” and she started brainstorming and talking to others here in Fort Collins.

Tricia launched a Crowdrise campaign (https://www.crowdrise.com/U2forLizzy/fundraiser/triciacanonico) to support the efforts and raise money to send this sweet family to the show. At this point they have raised over $5000 in honor of Lizzy and her family…and we hope this keeps growing with a new goal of  $10, 000!! (So PLEASE pop on over and donate at Crowdrise)

So with this great support, the Lawtons had their dream of seeing U2 in Denver come true. BUT, the story doesn’t end there.

Not only did the Lawtons get to see the U2 concert but Crowdrise founder, actor Edward Norton heard about this fundraiser and was so moved by the story that he offered his help!

Tricia received an email from Crowdrise, Saturday morning saying they liked the fundraiser and they’d “really love to try to do something nice for [Lizzy] connected to the show.” To paraphrase Tricia of Suburban Bitches: “Here’s the really unbelievable part – in just a couple short hours they managed to pull together some absolute amazingness. They got Lizzy and her family passes to the pre-show hospitality suite! That didn’t just mean hanging out in the VIP lounge before the show that meant actually hanging out with Bono and the gang.” And Crowdrise was also able to get Live Nation to upgrade their seats to right up front next to the stage!

Besides raising money to send the Lawton’s to the U2 concert, the community also came together to make their day more fun before they took off for the show Saturday afternoon. Local businesses donated goods and services to get them all dolled up! Laura of GG Boutique dressed the girls in new outfits, Gallipot Salon did their hair and makeup, Sonja Jenkins of Stella and Dot gave them beautiful jewelry to wear, and I did a quick portrait session with them before they got into their limo sponsored by A Child’s Dream to head to Morton’s Steak House in Denver for dinner before the show. And when they arrived at the show Dave Reeder of the Pepsi Center put together gift bags for Lizzy and her family.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our quick (windy) portrait session before they headed down to Denver.

U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0001 Lawton_U2_RachelOlsen_0002U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0002 U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0003 U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0004 U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0005 U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0006 U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0007 U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0008 U2forLizzy_RachelOlsen_0009


And here are a few shots of the Lawtons with U2 and Peyton Manning!!

u2 2

Even though the U2 show has come and gone, we don’t want the fun to stop there! We want to raise as much money for this family as possible.

TribU2 (a local U2Tribute Band) will be performing a benefit concert for Lizzy on June 25th from 4-6pm at O’Dell Brewing Co. in Fort Collins. All proceeds will go to help Lizzy and her family with medical expenses.  Please donate HERE.

Every time I talk about Saturday and and the goodness of this community, I start to cry. One little idea turned into SOOO much more than we ever expected.

There is serious power when people come together to love and support one another… that is life at it’s best.

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Family Vacation- Film Only! http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/family-vacation-film-only/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/family-vacation-film-only/#comments Fri, 08 May 2015 02:38:38 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=9394 Read More »]]> Well, school will be out for the summer before we know it and I am finally posting my images from last summer!

Before we headed out for our 4th of July in Vail and then our road trip to Minnesota, I decided that I would ONLY use film and my iPhone to document our adventures. It was a wonderful challenge and made me slow down and appreciate things before clicking the shutter. And I was able to capture the moments I was really going after. It was a wonderful exercise for me, and I think I may do the same thing this coming summer.

I still have more to learn about color film exposure, and all of the nuances. But I do love the texture and quality that you get from film. Sure, I could try to do it in post production with my digital images, but the whole idea is to get away from post production…leave my computer alone a little more often and be engaged with my kiddos and not stuck behind a screen.  So, in that regard I have loved my film experience. It really does make a major difference in the back end. My scans from the FIND lab come back looking wonderful and I get to chose my favs and move along. Ahhhhh.

So, I thought I’d let you get a peek into our summer adventures in Vail and Minnesota.  I’m ready to do it all over again!

FamilyVacayFILM_0002 FamilyVacayFILM_0003 FamilyVacayFILM_0004 FamilyVacayFILM_0005 FamilyVacayFILM_0006 FamilyVacayFILM_0007 FamilyVacayFILM_0008 FamilyVacayFILM_0009 FamilyVacayFILM_0010 FamilyVacayFILM_0011 FamilyVacayFILM_0012 FamilyVacayFILM_0013 FamilyVacayFILM_0013a FamilyVacayFILM_0014 FamilyVacayFILM_0015 FamilyVacayFILM_0016 FamilyVacayFILM_0017 FamilyVacayFILM_0018 FamilyVacayFILM_0019 FamilyVacayFILM_0020 FamilyVacayFILM_0021 FamilyVacayFILM_0022 FamilyVacayFILM_0023 FamilyVacayFILM_0024 FamilyVacayFILM_0025 FamilyVacayFILM_0026 FamilyVacayFILM_0027 FamilyVacayFILM_0028 FamilyVacayFILM_0029 FamilyVacayFILM_0030 FamilyVacayFILM_0031 FamilyVacayFILM_0032 FamilyVacayFILM_0033 FamilyVacayFILM_0034 FamilyVacayFILM_0035 FamilyVacayFILM_0036 FamilyVacayFILM_0037 FamilyVacayFILM_0038 FamilyVacayFILM_0039 FamilyVacayFILM_0041 FamilyVacayFILM_0042 FamilyVacayFILM_0043 FamilyVacayFILM_0043a FamilyVacayFILM_0044 FamilyVacayFILM_0045 FamilyVacayFILM_0046 FamilyVacayFILM_0047 FamilyVacayFILM_0048 FamilyVacayFILM_0049 FamilyVacayFILM_0050 FamilyVacayFILM_0051 FamilyVacayFILM_0052 FamilyVacayFILM_0053 FamilyVacayFILM_0054 FamilyVacayFILM_0055

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Sam & Megan -Vail Engagement Session http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/vail_engagement_session/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/vail_engagement_session/#respond Tue, 05 May 2015 09:19:19 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=9367 Read More »]]> Oh how I am looking forward to Sam and Megan’s fall wedding in Vail.

These two are just darling and so much fun to be around! I have had a great time getting to know them between our first initial meeting and then this super fun engagement session outside of Vail Colorado. Sam is a wonderful photographer, so he had a great vision for scouting locations. We met along the side of the road and ventured into the fields by an abandoned train track. Megan and Sam shared a little bubbly to easy “camera nerves” and then we had a blast exploring together.

Thank you Megan and Sam for such a fun experience. I am really looking forward to your wedding this fall!

All the best, Rachel

Vail_Engagement_Session_0001 Vail_Engagement_Session_0002 Vail_Engagement_Session_0003 Vail_Engagement_Session_0004 Vail_Engagement_Session_0005 Vail_Engagement_Session_0006 Vail_Engagement_Session_0007 Vail_Engagement_Session_0008 Vail_Engagement_Session_0009 Vail_Engagement_Session_0010 Vail_Engagement_Session_0011 Vail_Engagement_Session_0012 Vail_Engagement_Session_0013 Vail_Engagement_Session_0014 Vail_Engagement_Session_0015 Vail_Engagement_Session_0016 Vail_Engagement_Session_0017 Vail_Engagement_Session_0018 Vail_Engagement_Session_0019 Vail_Engagement_Session_0020 Vail_Engagement_Session_0021 Vail_Engagement_Session_0022 Vail_Engagement_Session_0023 Vail_Engagement_Session_0024

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Guss – A Life Saver http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/guss-a-life-saver/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/guss-a-life-saver/#comments Tue, 28 Apr 2015 16:09:56 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=9536 Read More »]]> And that life would be mine.

I met Guss 30 years ago on December 7th. We didn’t plan the meeting (of course), but the stars aligned and  he just happened to be the magnificent paramedic who showed up on the scene when I was in an automobile accident.

Guss had a sixth sense that day, and he insisted that they didn’t leave the site of the crash when he saw one loan boot and no child to go with it. He searched the roadside, and low and behold he found me in the ditch.

Without Paul and Guss and their rule breaking, boundary pushing, smart and experienced ways, I wouldn’t be here today. Guss and Paul were infamous for “having” special pieces of equipment that most ambulances didn’t carry. They had IVs and compression pants on me before I reached the doors of the hospital. Guss told us that they were questioned about how they had all of this life saving equipment already going before getting to the hospital, and my guess is that Guss didn’t say much, but just smiled at them in return.

I have been so fortunate to have Guss in my life ever since that fateful day.

This year when he came to visit at the end of February, I was able to spend an entire afternoon with him He sat at my counter chatting and telling wonderful stories as I prepared dinner and wrangled my 3 year old. His visit filled my heart in so many ways.

Thank you Guss, (you know I can never thank you enough) but I will always continue to thank you and let you know how grateful I am to have you in my life. You are a real life hero.


Fort_Collins_Portrait_0001 Fort_Collins_Portrait_0002 Fort_Collins_Portrait_0003


And I had to include this hilarious shot. My girls disappeared at the end of dinner and then came back in, in their best Guss impression.  We all roared with laughter!


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Katie & Matt – Gunnison River Farms Wedding http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/gunnison_river_farms_wedding/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/gunnison_river_farms_wedding/#comments Mon, 27 Apr 2015 09:07:43 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=9279 Read More »]]> We had a great adventure heading over and through the Rocky Mountains to get to the Western Slopes of Colorado for Katie & Matt’s wedding.  We stopped along the way to admire the yellow aspens and the stunning weather. When we arrived we found the beautiful property of Gunnison River Farms tucked into the Gunnison River Valley Basin and we knew that we were in the right place for Katie & Matt’s wonderful wedding. Matt has been a fly fishing guide here for the Black Canyon Anglers for over a decade and when they were planning their wedding they knew that it would be the perfect place to gather their friends and family to celebrate their union.

Katie began her day at the quaint Leruox Creek Inn, where she and Matt had their first look before heading down to Gunnison River Farms. Matt waited in the vineyard to see his beautiful bride for the first time. The minute the two of them laid eyes on each other, you could see the amazing connection and love between them. We spent about a little time exploring the beautiful property around the Leroux Inn before jumping in the car and heading towards the ceremony and reception site at Gunnison River Farms.

Matt and Katie were married on the lawn next to the river by their dear friend. The ceremony incorporated many personal touches including quotes from the Siddhartha and Jerry Garcia. And my favorite part might have been when he announced “by the power vested in this river I here by declare you husband and wife.”

Their wedding day was full of fun and relaxation for all. Friends & family mingled on the lawn next to the river, they enjoyed drinks  and appetizers and took in the incredible fall afternoon. When the cocktail hour was over everyone was invited into the tent for a delicious meal by Pinecone Unlimited. The tables were decorated with beautiful flowers by Zephyros Farm and Garden. I just happened to be in the tent photographing the details when Katie walked in for the first time. Immediately her eyes welled up with tears and she said, it is just so beautiful! It was a wonderful moment to witness and it made me so happy to see her genuine happiness and surprise.

The party continued into the night with hilarious toasts and the fantastic blue grass band, Trout Steak Revival, who got everyone out on the dance floor.

Katie & Matt, Thank you for allowing me to be a witness to your beautiful wedding day. I wish you years and years of happiness and days upon days on the river (with lots of fish!). All the best, Rachel

Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0001 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0002 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0003 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0004 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0005 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0006 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0007 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0008 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0009 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0010 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0011 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0012 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0013 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0014 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0015 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0016 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0017 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0018 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0019 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0020 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0021 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0022 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0023 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0024 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0025 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0026 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0027 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0028 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0029 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0030 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0031 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0032 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0033 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0034 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0035 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0036 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0037 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0038 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0039 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0040 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0041 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0042 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0043 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0044 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0045 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0045a Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0046 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0047 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0048 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0049 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0050 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0051 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0052

And I brought my film camera along for some fun as well…

Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_Film_0001 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_Film_0002 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_Film_0003


And as always a GIGANTIC thank you to Steve Glass for heading all the way to the Western Slopes with me and for your amazing eye, and great sense of humor!

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Autumn http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/autumn/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/autumn/#respond Sun, 26 Apr 2015 10:48:27 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=9518 Read More »]]> I love when I have the opportunity to witness the next phase of my wedding couple’s journey as they add more to their love stories.

The first phase of Abby & Andrew’s love story that I was able to capture was their awesome engagement session tucked in the foothills north of Fort Collins, at their family cabin. Then it was on to Abby and Andrew’s super fun wedding at the beautiful Della Terra Mountain Chateau.  Since then I have been fortunate to be able to see Abby and Andrew during their next adventure by frequenting their delicious Food Truck – The Goodness Truck  at Odell’s Brewery and at the block party at our house! And just recently I was able to to capture their most recent & precious addition to their beautiful lives -Autumn.

What a sweet little peanut she is, and what marvelous parents they are. Their love for each other and for Autumn overflows, you can feel it when you are around them.

Thank you Abby & Andrew for allowing me to be a witness to such wonderful moments in your lives. It is a great privilege and honor to record them for you.

All the best, Rachel

Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0001 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0002 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0003 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0004 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0005 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0006 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0007 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0008 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0009 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0010 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0011 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0012 Fort_Collins_Newborn_Photographer_0013

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Featured on The Knot- Julie & John’s Rustic Wedding at Ten Mile Station http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/featured-in-the-knot-julie-johns-rustic-wedding-at-ten-mile-station/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/featured-in-the-knot-julie-johns-rustic-wedding-at-ten-mile-station/#respond Tue, 21 Apr 2015 09:22:54 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=9939 What a treat it is to see Julie & John’s beautiful, heartfelt and fun wedding at Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge featured on The Knot Real Weddings.

Julie and John were so wonderful to work with! Hop on over to The Knot to read all about the wonderful details of their day and how they chose St Mary’s Church and Ten Mile Station for their perfect destination wedding in Colorado.




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Farmstead http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/farmstead/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/farmstead/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 20:57:52 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=9452 Read More »]]> I love this farm. If you haven’t seen my house, you may not know that I have an affinity for barns. We have photos and wood block prints of barns throughout our house. And we recently installed a reclaimed white washed barn wood wall.

This farmstead and barn are across the street from our house and neighborhood, and I love looking at it everyday as we leave our house. I knew some development was going to come into the area, and I tired to contact the owners of the property..because I would really love to photograph more of it, so that they have it for posterity. But I saw the bulldozers line up last fall, and knew the new neighborhood was about to break ground, so I ran over with my daughter one night and took a few shots from the road, of the property I love so much.

I hope (and have heard rumors) that they may turn this portion of the property into a type of working farm/museum, and that would make me so happy. But just in case they don’t, I wanted a few photos to remember it by.(..and hopefully if I can get in touch with the owners, I can pass them along to them as well.)

It’s always hard to see these farms change and morph into new neighborhoods.  I have thoroughly enjoyed walking and riding over to see the goats and sheep, and peacocks with my daughters, and I will greatly miss it when it is gone.

So I wanted to capture a slice of history while I still had the chance.

KechterFarm_001 KechterFarm_002 KechterFarm_003 KechterFarm_004 KechterFarm_005 KechterFarm_006 KechterFarm_007 KechterFarm_008 KechterFarm_009 KechterFarm_011 KechterFarm_012

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Fort Collins Farmstead Family Portrait Session http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/fort-collins-farmstead-family-portrait-session/ http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/fort-collins-farmstead-family-portrait-session/#respond Fri, 10 Apr 2015 20:47:23 +0000 http://www.rachelolsenphotography.com/?p=9351 Read More »]]> It was a blast photographing this darling family.

When I pulled up to their house, I said… you live in my dream house! I had been down the street before with my husband and we both had commented on how beautiful the house and yard were. I adore their property and the old farmhouse, and what is not to love about that gorgeous red barn!  It was the perfect backdrop for our portrait session.

We had a wonderful afternoon exploring their property and getting some fun shots of the family. Thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your darling family.

Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0001 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0002 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0003 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0004 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0005 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0006 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0007 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0008 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0009 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0010 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0011 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0012 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0013 Fort_Collins_Family_Portait_Photographer_0014

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