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Floral Headdresses

I had so much fun with Alicia and Crystal of Bella Fiori and the very talented RJ Kern of kern-photo in my own backyard (and garage!).

Alicia had a wonderful idea of featuring floral headdresses on her amazing floral blog flirty fleurs, and to top of the week she had to try on these beautiful pieces for herself!

This was such a fun, “out of the box” shoot for me, that pushed my creative (and technical lighting) abilities. A big thank you to my wonderful brother-in-law, the amazingly talented RJ Kern for including me in this fun shoot.

My oldest even got in on the fun. I was amazed to see what Alicia and Crystal were able to piece together (in seconds) from the remnant flowers to create her headdress. That is pure talent!

Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_001 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_002 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_003 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_004 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_005 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_006 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_007 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_008 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_009 Floral_Headdresses_Flirty_Fleurs_010

Thank you for such a fun afternoon!  It was a blast working with all of you.

Best, Rachel

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The unique and artistic photography by RJ Kern

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  1. Well done, girlfriend!

    June 22, 2012

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