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Our family of four

Some of you know that our extended family will soon include another professional wedding photographer RJ Kern of Kern Photo. We can’t wait to add him to our family. One bonus to adding another photographer is that I actually get to be in some pictures now! RJ did a wonderful photo shoot of the four of us when our littlest girl was 5 weeks old. I will cherish these photos forever!

Kern_Photo_Shoot01 Kern_Photo_Shoot02 Kern_Photo_Shoot03 Kern_Photo_Shoot04 Kern_Photo_Shoot05 Kern_Photo_Shoot06 Kern_Photo_Shoot07 Kern_Photo_Shoot08 Kern_Photo_Shoot09 Kern_Photo_Shoot10 Kern_Photo_Shoot11 Kern_Photo_Shoot12 Kern_Photo_Shoot13 Kern_Photo_Shoot14 Kern_Photo_Shoot15 Kern_Photo_Shoot16 Kern_Photo_Shoot17 Kern_Photo_Shoot18



You can read more about this shoot here and here.  RJ does a great job discussing film vs digital. Can you tell the difference?


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  1. It’s so great spending time with you and your family!! I loved shooting film vs digital and having such photogenic clients to work with!! Gosh, I love our job as wedding and portrait photographers!!

    January 13, 2012

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