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Sweet Twin Girls!

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous to photograph twin girls. I love newborn shoots, but I also know that they don’t always go as smoothly planned, since the baby runs the show and you never know if you will get a sleepy day, a cranky day, a hungry day…and then double that with twins and you really have no idea what is in store. Well, I have to say that these darling girls made my job so easy. They were so sweet, sleepy and adorable.

Since this twosome decided to come 8 weeks early, they had an extended stay in the hospital. We pushed the shoot later in the month so they could grow and get stronger, and could be at home.  Even though it was not that long ago that I had a newborn myself, I am always amazed at how small newborns are. And even though these sweet girls may be 8 weeks/2 months old, in reality they just reached “full term,”  since they decided to do the last 2 months of growing in the world, instead of in utero! So all in all, it was like photographing these cuties in what for other babies would be their first 2-3 days of life…which is why they were so wonderfully sleepy and accommodating. Mom and Dad made a incredible “team oxygen,” reapplying their oxygen in between each short session of photographs, and Grandma was an amazing assistant and helped hold, feed and love on each of them as they took turns being photographed. Thank you to all of you for opening your home to me and for allowing me to photograph your little beauties!  What a beautiful family you have!

NewbornTwin_Photography001NewbornTwin_Photography002 NewbornTwin_Photography003 NewbornTwin_Photography004 NewbornTwin_Photography005 NewbornTwin_Photography006 NewbornTwin_Photography007 NewbornTwin_Photography008 NewbornTwin_Photography009 NewbornTwin_Photography010 NewbornTwin_Photography011 NewbornTwin_Photography012 NewbornTwin_Photography013 NewbornTwin_Photography014



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