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John & Janet – Ten Mile Station Wedding

Their wedding day started out as a cloudy, socked in, rainy day up at Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge. But that did not stop Janet & John!

Janet & John planned a beautiful Breckenridge wedding with friends and family flying in all the way from the east coast, and a little rain could not derail their plans! (And luckily we were dealing with Colorado weather… as we say, if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes and most likely it will change!)

After their first look we got a little creative, as it began to drizzle again. We found a sheltered spot where we could create some nice portraits of Janet and John without them getting wet. And then just before the ceremony the skies began to clear and the wedding party rushed to get the flowers placed, and the outdoor ceremony went off without any rain! John and Janet were incredibly relaxed throughout the entire day, and I was very impressed with how they rolled with it and did not stress over the weather.

As always the staff at Ten Mile Station did a superb job,  Petal and Bean created gorgeous flower arrangements (which is always the case!) and Sugar Breck made a beautiful cake with a stunning mountain scene, while A Music Plus played some great tunes to get everyone on the dance floor. Thank you to all of the vendors for making John & Janet’s day sparkle.

And a big thank you to Janet & John for inviting me to capture their beautiful day. It was an honor.

Wishing you all the best in your life together, Rachel

Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0001 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0002 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0003 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0004 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0005 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0006 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0007 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0008 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0009 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0010 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0011 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0012 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0013 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0014 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0015 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0016 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0017 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0018 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0019 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0020 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0021 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0022 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0023 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0024 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0025 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0026 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0027 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0028 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0029 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0030 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0031 Wedding_at_Ten_Mile_Station_Breckenridge_0032

And as always- a huge THANK YOU to my second shooter and great friend Steve Glass…You rock!


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