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Thirsties Modern Cloth Diapers- Shoot #3

This has been such a wonderful project to work on. Wonderful babies and families and an incredible local business to work with. Thank you for inviting me to take part in it.

I can’t wait to see what the amazing people One Tribe Creative come up with.

Here are some of the images from lifestyle shoot #3.

Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_001 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_002 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_003 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_004 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_005 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_006 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_007 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_008 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_009 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_010 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_011 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_012 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_013 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_014 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_015 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_016 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_017 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_018 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_019 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_020 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_021 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth Diapers_3_022

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