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Portrait: Working with Rachel

What do we wear? Where will we have our session? What if the kids melt down?

Yikes, the stress of planning a portrait session.

Well, don’t stress, I strive to make the portrait session as relaxed as possible so that everyone can have fun (yes, FUN!) and great images full of laugher and smiles can be captured.

In order to schedule your portrait session, Rachel Olsen Photography requires a signed portrait agreement and the creative fee to be paid in full in order to hold the date and time.

Please contact me to find out about upcoming availability.


Before the Session

There are three questions to think about before your session: What do we wear?  What location should we use?  What will I do with all of my great images?

What do we wear?
The question I hear most often after I book a portrait session is… what do we wear?

I recommend thinking of your family unit as one individual when it comes to picking out clothes.  Pretend you are putting together one great outfit. Strive to put together outfits that complement each other but do not match exactly.

My philosophy is to pick your favorite colors, styles or textures and build from there. To create a great complementary family outfit, start with one person.  Find a fun patterned skirt for a girl or a great shirt for a guy and build off of it. Pull colors from the first item you choose to base other outfits around. I recommend staying away from large bold patterns because they can be overwhelming. But small patterns can add a lot of depth and texture to the images. Fun skirts, sweaters, hats, boots and other accessories add wonderful texture, color and personality to the photographs.

Once the session is booked I’d be happy to send you an in depth “What to Wear Guide” to answer all of your questions.

What location should we use?
When you are thinking about your session, think about two things- location & light.

Location… what backdrops do you want in your images- nature, urban, park? Do you want a lot of texture in the background of the images? Do you want the background to be clean & simple?

Light… Does your house have large windows to bring in light? Is there enough shade in the park? Can you plan the timing of the shoot to utilize the beautiful late evening light?

Babies and young children do well in their most familiar environments. When I arrive, show me around so that I can check out the light in different areas of the house.  I might need to move furniture or decorations in order to utilize the best light. (I do my best to put everything back in order before I leave!) It is great to incorporate things that are meaningful and important to you and your family, so pull out any special items that you would like to include.

Meet me at one of your favorite places in nature or in the city. We will meet at the location of your choice, look around and seek out the best light, texture and colors. I am up for any location you can think of!

What will I do with my great images?
If you have a vision for how you want to display your images, it will help me shoot in a way to fulfill that vision.  Rachel Olsen Photography is happy to lend you a studio copy or send you an online copy of the Wall Collection Inspire Guide. It will help you envision the space in your home and how images can be hung together to create a beautiful wall of memories.

If you have a specific wall that you know you would like to use, take a quick snapshot, even with your phone and give me the rough dimensions of the space.  From there I can build a custom wall collection that will fit in that space perfectly.


The Portrait Session

This is the fun part! A session typically lasts 1 to 2 hours; however, if more time is needed, that’s not a problem. We will do a mixture of posed and candid photographs. Mostly, I let you interact, be yourselves and wait for great moments to unfold.

Also, being a mother helps me understand the whims of children. Don’t worry if your child is hiding behind a chair in the corner when I arrive or won’t come out from behind your leg or is crying because they do not want their picture taken.

I get it, and have seen it all.

We have time for me to work with the kids to make them comfortable.  I make silly faces, sing songs, and ask goofy questions… and most of the time by the end of the session we are running around together laughing and joking.  My goal is to make the session fun for everyone, so don’t stress about an irritable kiddo.

And don’t worry, I’m not afraid to be silly and make a fool out of myself, just to get a smile!


After the Session

My Digital Darkroom
Once the photo session has ended, the creative process continues when I take all of the images into my digital darkroom. Every single photograph gets special care and attention. Your final product will be beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime.

Two to three weeks after your session, I will send you a link to an online gallery to view and order prints. You are welcome to share this link with your family and friends.

Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints and Digital Collection orders are placed directly through the online gallery and are processed by my professional lab.

All other premium heirloom products such as wall collections, albums, and custom cards are ordered directly through Rachel Olsen Photography.

Your online gallery will automatically expire in 3 months. All orders must be placed before expiration.


From Beginning to End

From planning your photo session to ordering your heirloom products, I am here for you every step of the way. I am happy to help you make print selections, create custom pieces of art or answer any questions that you may have!