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Katie & Matt – Gunnison River Farms Wedding

We had a great adventure heading over and through the Rocky Mountains to get to the Western Slopes of Colorado for Katie & Matt’s wedding.  We stopped along the way to admire the yellow aspens and the stunning weather. When we arrived we found the beautiful property of Gunnison River Farms tucked into the Gunnison River Valley Basin and we knew that we were in the right place for Katie & Matt’s wonderful wedding. Matt has been a fly fishing guide here for the Black Canyon Anglers for over a decade and when they were planning their wedding they knew that it would be the perfect place to gather their friends and family to celebrate their union.

Katie began her day at the quaint Leruox Creek Inn, where she and Matt had their first look before heading down to Gunnison River Farms. Matt waited in the vineyard to see his beautiful bride for the first time. The minute the two of them laid eyes on each other, you could see the amazing connection and love between them. We spent about a little time exploring the beautiful property around the Leroux Inn before jumping in the car and heading towards the ceremony and reception site at Gunnison River Farms.

Matt and Katie were married on the lawn next to the river by their dear friend. The ceremony incorporated many personal touches including quotes from the Siddhartha and Jerry Garcia. And my favorite part might have been when he announced “by the power vested in this river I here by declare you husband and wife.”

Their wedding day was full of fun and relaxation for all. Friends & family mingled on the lawn next to the river, they enjoyed drinks  and appetizers and took in the incredible fall afternoon. When the cocktail hour was over everyone was invited into the tent for a delicious meal by Pinecone Unlimited. The tables were decorated with beautiful flowers by Zephyros Farm and Garden. I just happened to be in the tent photographing the details when Katie walked in for the first time. Immediately her eyes welled up with tears and she said, it is just so beautiful! It was a wonderful moment to witness and it made me so happy to see her genuine happiness and surprise.

The party continued into the night with hilarious toasts and the fantastic blue grass band, Trout Steak Revival, who got everyone out on the dance floor.

Katie & Matt, Thank you for allowing me to be a witness to your beautiful wedding day. I wish you years and years of happiness and days upon days on the river (with lots of fish!). All the best, Rachel

Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0001 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0002 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0003 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0004 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0005 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0006 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0007 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0008 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0009 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0010 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0011 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0012 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0013 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0014 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0015 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0016 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0017 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0018 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0019 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0020 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0021 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0022 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0023 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0024 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0025 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0026 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0027 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0028 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0029 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0030 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0031 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0032 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0033 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0034 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0035 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0036 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0037 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0038 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0039 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0040 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0041 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0042 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0043 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0044 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0045 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0045a Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0046 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0047 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0048 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0049 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0050 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0051 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_0052

And I brought my film camera along for some fun as well…

Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_Film_0001 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_Film_0002 Gunnison_River_Farms_Wedding_Film_0003


And as always a GIGANTIC thank you to Steve Glass for heading all the way to the Western Slopes with me and for your amazing eye, and great sense of humor!

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  1. Really great wedding photos! wow! I love this amazing photos.

    July 3, 2015

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