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Look at these two darling kiddos.  No, they are not twins- one is about 2 years older than the other.  The wonderful thing for me was that I was invited down to Denver to photograph both of them when they were both roughly 4 months old.

So big brother is on the left in the next two images, and his pictures were taken about 2 years ago. Little brother’s photos were taken just about 2 weeks ago and he is on the right in the next two images.  It is so fun to see the comparison of both of them at roughly the same age. (And by the way- don’t they have the most amazing bedroom murals? Wow!)

And here is the little bro stealing the show.

But big bro couldn’t let him get away with all the action.

And I had to include this one…I think it represents how we all feel on certain days.  I adore the expression- and how can you not LOVE the hair!

It is so fun to watch a family grow and change.  Thank you so much for inviting me back to be a witness to it all.  And I have to say- you have two smashing boys on your hands- look out!
All the best, Rachel

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