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Help Portrait

This is an amazing call to action being heard all around the world…so photographers out there, grab your camera and get involved.

There is a wonderful group of crazy talented photographers here in Fort Collins heeding the call and banding together on December 12th to create portraits for those who usually do not get this privilege.

So if you are out there and you are a photographer, make-up artist, hairstylist, cookie maker, great organizer… We need you.

If you fall into any of these wonderful categories below (that was creatively put together by Sarah of Photo De Novo)… We need you.

“First, we need people to take pictures of. If you know ANYBODY who would be blessed by the gift of a free portrait this year, let us know (contact info below). Those of you who are employed at or involved in churches, hospitals, nursing homes, or various other philanthropic-type organizations – keep your eyes peeled. My hope is that we will be able to accommodate every single request. I want this to be a blessing to our community as a whole, not just to a few lucky people.

Second, we need people to help get the word out. If you know how to do Internet-y stuff, or graphic design, or how to hand out flyers, we can use you. Or, you can just copy and paste this post in an email to others in the Fort Collins area!

Third, we need people to help the day of the event. It could be as simple as greeting people at the door and handing them a hot chocolate, or writing down contact info for our “clients.” We also need help downloading and organizing files, and photo “assistants” to move stuff around and hand the photographers lenses and that kind of thing. It’s not hard – it’s awesome.

Fourth, we need people AFTER the event to help process images. If you have Photoshop/LightRoom skills, etc, this is your department.

Fifth, we need help packaging and delivering images to the “clients.” This could just mean a trip to the Post Office, or if you want to hand-deliver, we’d be glad to have you!

There are probably a lot of other ways to get involved that I haven’t thought of yet. But we’ll figure it out. The important thing is your willingness to help.”

The help portrait event is set for December 12, 2009. If you are interested in being involved in anyway at all, please send an email to

We need you. Thank you!!

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