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Meadow Lark Farm Dinners at Toohey & Sons Organic Farm

A favorite event of our summers is the Meadow Lark Farm Dinners,  so we were so thrilled to see them back at it this summer after taking a summer off.  We jumped at the opportunity to go to another fabulous farm and enjoy an incredible meal prepared by their amazing chefs. I am always blown away at the flavors and the freshness in each course. And again, this year did not disappoint.

This time we went to Toohey & Sons Organic Farm. They were wonderful hosts and it was so fun to hear about the farm, the process of getting organically certified (which they received their confirmation of the week after we were there!) and the history of water rights in Boulder County.

Thank you again Meadow Lark & Toohey & Sons for such a great night!

Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0001 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0002 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0003 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0004 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0005 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0006 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0007 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0008 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_0009

With my ever increasing love of film, I of course shot a roll while I was at the farm. Not all of my exposures were perfect, but I am really enjoying the challenge and the mental switch that occurs for me when I pick up my film camera. I love the earthiness I get from the film images and I LOVE the minimal computer time film requires. Here are a few of my favorites…

Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0010 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0011 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0012 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0013 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0014 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0015 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0016 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0017 Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0018Meadow_Lark_Farm_Dinners_FILM_0019

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  1. Krista #

    What a fantastic evening!!!

    July 2, 2014

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