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Fort Collins Mini Portrait Sessions – Laughing Buck Farm

A highlight of every fall is when I get to do Portrait Mini Sessions. It is the time of year when I get to reconnect with families, some I have seen and others I haven’t since the previous year. I love seeing the growth and changes in the kids and I love meeting a few new families every year.

Since my wedding season extended into October this year, I did not have a lot of time for full sessions, so I am so glad that I was able to squeeze in two jam packed days at the AMAZING Laughing Buck Farm. Rosemary and Greg were so gracious to let me photograph on their beautiful property. And if you haven’t been there yet to check out their delicious fresh eggs of their amazing goat soaps, or to have your kids take part in their farm programs...then head there right now, you won’t be disappointed. They are amazing and the classes they offer have been some of my girls favorites!

Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0007 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0008 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0009 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0010 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0011 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0012 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0013 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0014 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0015 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0016 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0017 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0018 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0019 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0020 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0021 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0022 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0023 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0024 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0025 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0026 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0027 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0028 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0029 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0030 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0031 Fort_Collins_Mini_Portrait_Sessions_0032

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