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On a personal note…

I said that I would throw in a personal story or two along the way and I have been remiss. Life gets going a warp speed during the summer with weddings and portrait sessions. Yet, I have been trying very hard amidst all of the fabulous work, to take time out, put it all away and enjoy our family and friends too. Because, really, what is life all about?

There is nothing more important to me than our family and friends and the time we spend together!

Here is just a tiny taste of our recent summer adventures- A trip to the aquarium with our wonderful friends, and a glimpse into our daughter’s world as she is playing and our first family hike with our daughter on her own two feet for over 1 mile!! Sooo fun.

Thank you to all of those who make my world such a wonderful place to be. I love you so.

(Thank you trusty iphone for being there when I don’t have a real camera!!)

I hope that you are all taking time out of crazy schedules to spend some quality time with the people that are most important to you in life!!! Enjoy your summers!!!!!

I will be catching up with newborm sesions, family portraits and weddings soon…so stay tuned!

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