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The awesome cloth diaper company Thirsties is working on a new print: argyle! We had a great time getting some shots for their new catalog.

I have talked about Thirsties before, but it never hurts to repeat why this company is so great:

Thirsties Modern Cloth Diapers are an incredible new way to think about cloth diapering.  Check out their site and see for yourself:

– how easy it can be

– how good you can feel about supporting a local, home grown company

– how happy you will make the earth (and the future generations you are diapering) by not adding to the landfill

-and how cool your little one will look in these awesome diapers!

At Thirsties they are also working on a whole new website and catalog and I am lucky enough to be doing the photography for it. So stay tuned for some more images as things progress.

(Can you can spot my little one doing some modeling here?)

Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_001 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_002 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_003 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_004  Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_006 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_007 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_008 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_009 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_010 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_011 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_012 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_013 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_014 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_015 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_016 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_017 Thirsties_Modern_Cloth_Diapers_018

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  1. Adorably cute, bright and cheery, and very fun. Rach, you’ve got talent! Don’t be surprised if you get a few more calls to do more of this type of classic, lifestyle kids shoots… super fun!

    June 21, 2012

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