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Thirsties Modern Cloth Diapers- Catalog, Video & New Diaper Print

I have said it time and time again, that Thirsties Modern Cloth diapers are not only a great product, but a great company as well. It has been a real privilege to work on a fun & modern new brand launch for Thirsties. I love how they have incorporated lifestyle photography into their new catalog and new website.

The new, beautiful Thirsties Catalog was designed by Jon Aguilera and Paul Jensen of One Tribe Creative, who did an incredible job of incorporating the lifestyle images into a clean & modern design. It is a great honor and lots of fun to see my images used in a catalog.

thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-1thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-2 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-3 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-4 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-5 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-6 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-7 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-8 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-9 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-10 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-11 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-12 thirsties-product-catalog-2013-03-13


As Thirsties is rolling out their new catalog & website, they are also rolling out a new diaper print. Recently, we had another wonderful shoot to create some images to highlight the new print.

Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_001 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_002 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_003 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_004 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_005 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_006 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_007 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_008 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_009 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_010 Lifetyle_Photography_Commerical_Shoot_011

In conjunction with all of the new branding for Thirsties, they produced, what I think, is one of the best brand videos I have seen. The amazingly talented Tim Willison created this video for Thirsties.

Thank you Thirsties for inviting me to be part of such a fun project! If all commercial shoots were like this, and involved lifestyle photography and amazing companies that I can believe in, I could do this every day!

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